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✧*・゚・*☆ LUCKY ❤ BAG ☆*・゚・*✧

✧*・゚・*☆ LUCKY ❤ BAG ☆*・゚・*✧


Please note, you may get items in the Lucky Bag that you already have. We can not guarantee you will not get a duplicate to something you already own. We do guarantee that you will not receive duplicate design in a single Lucky Bag order. On the check out page, there is a NOTES section where you can list designs you have and we will try our best to not repeat a design you already own, but we can not promise anything.


This year I am trying to give you guys more options to mix and match! Choose as little or as many items as you like for your Lucky Bag! Pick your style/size from:

♡ tee/tank which are $20 each

♡ fleece which are $45 each


+ random chance:

♡ Additional apparel item

♡ Large print

♡ Acrylic pin


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© 2016 - 2019 all artwork by Susanna "Bunny" Yi and S2HEART