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Cultivate Your Garden

Cultivate Your Garden


June's design for Monthly Tee Club! This is a limited run and will not be reprinted.


‘One Must Cultivate One’s Own Garden’ - by Voltaire from Candide


This idea is constantly on my mind because I am have generalized anxiety disorder and plagued by overthinking. It always feels like negative thoughts spring up like weeds. When I was younger, I used to think my anxiety was something that needed to be fixed and honestly, it would be nice if it could, but I've come to accept the way my brain processes the world and my existence and it isn't something that can just simply be uprooted. Like those dandelion seeds that float far distances and set root in the best maintained gardens, we are exposed to so many ideas and experiences, both consciously and unconsciously. It would be nice if we could use some weedkiller on the originating dandelion but it's an impossible feat as you have over a hundred seeds from just one dandelion flower. Even if you dig up the dandelion, unless you get all of the roots, it will still sprout again. Negative thoughts, like nature, are exceptionally resilient. And there's a purpose for that, it's to keep us safe. Our brain just wants to make sure we're safe and I appreciate my brain for wanting to protect me. So it's really about maintaining the weeds, not letting it spread its seeds and strangle other beautiful thoughts, hopes and dreams but to be able to recognize the negative thought is helpful as long as it does not overwhelm. To "Cultivate Your Garden" reminds me not only that I have power over my thoughts but also that it is something I must dedicate time and effort to and if I do, the garden that is me, will flourish. I hope this design encourages you too. 


- Original design screen printed on soft 100% combed and ring-spun sleeve tees. 

- Print on front only

- Since each tee is screen printed, each one is special and no two shirts are exactly alike. There is natural variance of print density and location.

- Please take into your consideration that monitor calibrations are all different and the color you see might slightly differ from the photo.

* For best colorfastness please machine wash cold inside out with like colors, do not bleach, hang dry, do not dry clean *


Color: Leaf