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F*CK18 Sweatshirt


18 is pronouced "shippal" while f*ck is pronounced "shibal". Easily mixed up ;)

Sleeves say "will you piss off?"


Perfect for those days you are over it but still feel cute. 


From my IG:

This is my second demon girl in my apparel. 
I grew up very religious. My grandma went to church everyday, twice a day on Wednesdays and Fridays. There were a lot of times growing up where I was described as having 악한 성격, meaning malevolent or evil personality and my brain related it to 악마 which is devil and I often felt like a demon child who gave my parents only trouble and grief. It is an untrue story I accepted as truth and there are times I still think and feel this about myself.
Saying curse words used to be really hard and in high school I was made fun of for it (I sounded hesitant and would close my eyes). Saying curse words in Korean was easier for me but didn't have the same effect because most people couldn't understand me. I still feel like I'm doing something "bad" when I curse because I was taught not to. My parents even still chastise me when I do curse, whether in English or Korean.
But I'm tired feeling wrong or bad about myself. I am a person, both good and bad, and that's enough. Whatever perceptions someone wants to compartmentalize me into is their choice so "f*ck, will you piss off?"
Sometimes it's difficult to express ourselves in the way we want; we still need to build that skill and courage. This is why I love making apparel designs. Style is another way to express ourselves and our feelings. I hope when someone wears my design they feel empowered, badass, cute, and a little less alone on their path in life.


- Original design screen printed on soft 50% cotton 50% polyester long sleeve pullover sweatshirts. 
- Print on front, blank on back
- Pink sweatshirt with multicolor screen print
- Since each tee is screen printed, each one is special and no two shirts are exactly alike. There is natural variance of print density and location.
- Please take into your consideration that monitor calibrations are all different and the color you see might slightly differ from the photo.
* For best colorfastness please machine wash cold inside out with like colors, do not bleach, hang dry, do not dry clean *



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