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May's design for Monthly Tee Club! This is a limited run and will never be printed again.  Save $10 by subscribing now. Lilac is available by subscribing only, Sunrise tees will be added to the shop once all Tee Club orders have been shipped and will be $35. Tees will be shipped in late May. Autorenews the same day first subscribed until cancelled.


For May's design I knew I wanted to do something with a peony because they're my favorite and I always look forward to buying peony blooms in May. I wanted her sitting in the bloom very Thumbelina like when my friend Taylor reminded me that butterflies exist. Butterflies and peonies have historically been paired in Korean paintings and represent prosperity and contentment together.  I love how caterpillars turning into butterflies is such a beautiful reminder of growth and transformation. I didn't know which butterfly wings she'd get but I knew I wanted them to be small because it doesn't matter how big our progress or growth is, we can fly and we are beautiful. As we move into Summer, I hope this design will be a gentle reminder of support and unwavering belief in your journey. <3 I'm also really excited because instead of black ink, I wanted to try a soft, deep grey so the design would feel dreamy. Thank you so much for all your love and support in my Tee Club!


After lots of searching I came across the Glasswing Butterfly (Greta oto) and I fell in love with these magically mysterious little butterflies. They are called Glasswing butterflies because their wings are transparent like glass. They are common in Central and South America and are known as "espejitos" in Spanish speaking countries which means "little mirrors". Unlike other butterflies with transparent wings, the Glasswing butterfly's wings are non-reflective which help them to better evade predators. They are at max only 2.5inches at full maturity yet can carry FORTY times it's own weight and can fly up to 8 mph for short periods of time. 


- Original design screen printed on soft 100% combed and ring-spun sleeve tees. 
- Print on front only

- Since each tee is screen printed, each one is special and no two shirts are exactly alike. There is natural variance of print density and location.
- Please take into your consideration that monitor calibrations are all different and the color you see might slightly differ from the photo.
* For best colorfastness please machine wash cold inside out with like colors, do not bleach, hang dry, do not dry clean *