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Watermelon Crush - Banana Cream

Watermelon Crush - Banana Cream


July's design for Monthly Tee Club! This is a limited run and will never be printed again.  


까불지마 - Literally means "don't act up / don't get cute with me" but also has the feeling of "don't f**k with me" 

깡 - Slang term meaning "guts", also used for someone who never gives up

나 건들지마 - Literal translation "don't touch me" but used in reference of being bothered or interrupted in general. 

I think all the gardening is influencing by designs the past few months ;; I always design based on things I'm going through and this design is actually the culmination of the past three months of physical therapy, occupational therapy, disordered eating therapy, and anxiety therapy and the last year and half in general. The last two weeks I have been back at the gym, sometimes even twice a day, and while I can not crush a watermelon with my thighs yet, I'm so incredibly proud that I can leg press 478lbs. When I realized I could lift nearly 500lbs with my legs, it was the last piece in a healing process that reclaimed my confidence in myself that I can handle myself. Lots of things have been scary for the last year and a half, but I've always struggled with feeling assured that I was capable to defend myself whether physically or emotionally, leading me to overthink or anxiously plan for hypothetical situations. But with the self work, inside and out, I am building myself and I like who that is. I AM strong. I AM capable. There's nothing to fear when I have myself in my corner and loved ones who have my back, so I hope this design reminds you that YOU ARE A FORCE AND MERCY ON ANYONE WHO TRIES TO COME AT YOU. May the little Bunbun wielding the knife remind you that smol and cute does not mean defenseless. 


Maybe by the time these tees finish production, I will attempt to crush the watermelon xD. Sorry this tee was late again too. I actually had a different design planned but I wanted it to have a front and back and unfortunately production is a lot more. At the same time, just a week ago I was able to leg press 478lbs so I was inspired to do this design utilizing a vintage pinup pose because strong is sexy, especially in women. 


- Original design screen printed on soft 100% combed and ring-spun sleeve tees. 

- Print on front only

- Since each tee is screen printed, each one is special and no two shirts are exactly alike. There is natural variance of print density and location.

- Please take into your consideration that monitor calibrations are all different and the color you see might slightly differ from the photo.

* For best colorfastness please machine wash cold inside out with like colors, do not bleach, hang dry, do not dry clean *


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