Hi! My name is Bunny, @S2HEARTbunny on Instagram, an indie artist grown from Seattle and currently galavanting all across the continental U.S., probably on my way to an anime convention close to you.

I left my corporate fashion job in 2017 and have been an artist full time by selling my art at comicons, anime cons and local events while growing my brand. I had stopped drawing to pursue fashion design in college and then climbing the corporate ladder  but after a few years of a Devil Wears Prada-esque life and battling anxiety and depression, I picked up drawing again for the first time in seven years through a friend’s introduction to Inktober and Instagram. It became both therapy and meaningful work that allowed me to live my dreams to make art and products that bring a little happiness that can be uplifting in someone's day. Four years, twenty cities, and 58 shows later, I’m really honored at the friends and fans who have supported me not only artistically but personally, thank you to both con fam and IG fam for always taking care of me, encouraging me and loving my workExtra big thanks to my two wonderful brand models - Bri (@brimilk) and Ai-My (@cyriichii) - who wonderfully showcase my designs, as you’ll soon see. 

2019 was a big year and with much love and support for my designs, I started to transition from Artist Alley tables to Exhibitors Booths. This has meant tying up a lot of funds for not only Exhibitor booths but also travel that I would normally use to fund restock production.

This is where you come in <3 I have trouble keeping Bunbun designs in stock (SERIOUSLY, thank you so much for loving my little Bunbun!!!) and consistently receive requests for hoodies and zip hoodies. It is was my hope that running a Kickstarter could help cover the cost of production for hoodies and zip hoodies which cost more to produce, as well as run a larger order so I can offer apparel at a lower price as a thank you for your love and support, but due to time constraint and unforeseen delay to get the original Kickstarter approved, I will be taking pre-orders for this Spring 2020 restock. Online prices are usually $10 - $15 more to cover the cost of packaging, shipping and so I can pay the wonderful Jon who ships your online orders from Seattle since I travel full time to conventions, but  Every order will come with at least one 3in matte vinyl like you would normally receive when you order from my online store.

In addition to my Bunbun designs, I’m also restocking some meaningful, most requested designs that I’m so deeply honored that you guys love. 


Far left is Ai-My in Space Babe crew pullover; left is Ai-My in Baby Bun Gang zip hoodie

baby bun front2.jpg

Right is Bri in Baby Bun Gang zip hoodie; far right is Bri in Space Babe crew pullover

pre-order now.jpg

Bunbun  Collection

This is a little bunny that I've drawn since grade school in many different iterations to express things I have trouble saying out loud or feelings I get overwhelmed by. Different experiences in my life inspire them and it's the series of designs that I feel like I've connected with people the most about when they exclaim how more than one design describes them. It makes me feel like we're all a little closer than we think, sharing similar feelings and experiences. 


Lost in Space - Kitty Girl 

When I started out screen printing, I used to hand screen print myself, in the basement of my Seattle apartment amongst storage units made with chicken wire which I used to hang shirts to dry. This design was the most beloved in a series of five designs featuring solemn girls who were lost in space with astronaut animals and alien animals, trying to figure out what to do and where to go. It was the first original design I pursued that really fostered my courage to pursue making more original art.


Space Babe

This was originally a design of Bulma for a DBZ con I had an artist alley table at. It would be the con that really brought Bri and I together. Since I wanted to continue my brand as original design centered, I reworked this design into a pretty cool space babe who would rather ride off into space than deal with issues

space babe.jpg

Aesthetic Moon Bun

My love for Sailor Moon is above all other fictional characters. The series was a major part of my formative years and while I originally fell in love with the anime, it was the manga that really captured my heart and inspired me to always keep on and cherish the wonderful friends I make along this life. The two options below are my perpetual moods that are constantly at odds - soft pastel or black everything? Wining love by daylight, fighting evil by moonlight, right? 


Above size chart is for crew pullovers, pullover hoodies, and zip hoodies. Please note again these styles are unisex sizing so they are larger to fit both mens and womens sizing standards.


Above size chart is for cropped hoodies only. 

Please note, these are all items for pre-order, meaning that all items here are not available yet, and will be going into production in February. Once these have been made, quality check will be done before it gets shipped out to you in early March. 

pre-order now.jpg