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Bunny's Monthly Tee Club

♡ a way to get a cute new t-shirt every month with original art 

♡ one color will always be stocked in limited quantities but one will be club exclusive only with extremely limited availability for cons

♡ new designs will be released on the 25th of every month and open for subscribing until the 1st. 

♡ orders will be put in on the 2nd and ship after the 20th (as long as there are no production or shipping delays)

♡ subscriptions can be cancelled anytime by the 1st. color and size can also be changed anytime by the 1st. 

I'm really excited to push myself to design something cute and meaningful every month that will bring a little cuteness and joy to those that join. Thank you for your love and support and encouragement to make it possible for me to offer this.  

January Tee - Come Fly With Me

Hi Tee Club fam, 

I'm really sorry for the delay. If you missed my stories, December was just too busy and I just couldn't keep up physically and mentally. The first two weeks, I couldn't even think about what I wanted to draw for Tee Club because I was just focused on getting through that day or the con that was happening that weekend. It wasn't until I was flying to Atlanta with boyfriend that I felt like I had a moment to breathe and hear myself think. I had flown so much in just November and December and with this design being for the first month of 2022, I really wanted to look forward. Usually I get very depressed in December but guess being so busy I can't think staved it off for a bit - at least until the last con of 2021 was done. 

So 2022...what did I want for 2022? I was literally sketching this on the airplane with boyfriend beside me and other than wanting to fly more with wolfie, I couldn't think of anything. I just had this big "I need to squeeze something right now" feeling and everything else was blank. So I drew that: the sun is rising and the girl is riding the coming new year with a sense of hope but Bunbun has got a big mix of excitement and anxiety and fear and dreams and love and oof it's all avalanching on her but she's holding on and the girl is holding onto Bunbun tight because whatever happens, she's got it. Whatever happens in 2022, I know I can handle it despite how much sheer terror and worry I feel. 

The other two Bunbuns are for the two things I really want to do more of in 2022 - sleep and gardening. The sprouts are yellow like the sun because gardening really was a joy to watch something grow with just some water and sunshine. 

If I ever got to design a plane, yes it would be pink. I wanted to draw an airplane window because thank you all for riding Air Bunbun through our first year of Tee Club. Sometimes it gets turbulent but it will pass. As we go into 2022 together, I wish all of you good health, to receive love, and be filled with dreams and laughter just as it says on the top of the airplane window. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year in 2022. 

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limited run black

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size chart


Above is the size chart with measurements. Please keep in mind that all tees are unisex so they are mens' sizes and should be sized down for women. As shirts are 100% cotton, they will shrink a little in the wash but making sure to not put it in the dryer will help reduce shrinkage as well as keep the print safe and pretty for a long time. Most American dryers are too high heat and break down the fibers in our clothes, causing them to wear out faster and will cause the print to crack by breaking down the chemical compounds. 

To be able to order your monthly tee, you must be a member on the site. Sign up or log in above. The ordering page is locked for subscribers only. Once you are subscribed, hover over the "Tee Club" in the menu and there will be a drop down for the "Tee Club Order" page which will have a CODE for you to use so you do not pay for your shirt a second time. Use it during check out under "ENTER PROMO CODE"

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Please note, the subscription is like pre-order. Tees are not available in stock. Below is a handy calendar. Subscriptions are available the 25th - 1st. After the 1st, your subscription will be applied to the following month's tee. If you wish to get the current month's tee, please contact me here.  

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